Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Loah's Cocada Recipe

How to Make Cocada
My grandmother showed me how to make Cocada when I was a teenager. This sweet is very popular in Sao Paulo, my city, and in all over Brazil too. There are many kinds of Cocada and this is only one, which is prepared with more condensed milk and less coconut than the others. We usually eat it after lunch, or anytime that we would like to eat something sweet.
Would you like to know how to make Cocada, a kind of sweet prepared with coconut? To prepare Cocada follow the steps. First of all, buy the ingredients in the supermarket or grocery store. You need one can of condensed milk, 100 g of coconut flakes, and sugar. Use the condensed milk’s can to put the sugar in to measure. It will be necessary to use a half can of sugar. After that, put all the ingredients in one medium sauce pan, and put it on the stove to cook on a mediun fire. Stir without stopping about 30 minutes until it gets more solid. Then, put the Cocada on a cookie sheet greased with butter. Wait about 30 minutes and cut in little bars.
(by Loah Sequeira)