Friday, April 15, 2005


*In the U.S, there are different kinds of food. Chinese food, Indian food, Korean food, Japanese food and much much more. However, have you ever eaten Thai food? Thai food is so popular in the U.S too. If you never eat Thai food, or you’re deciding to try Thai food, I recommend you to try Panang curry. I’ll tell you about the ingredients to make a delicious “PANANG CURRY CHICKEN”
*First, you need to know the ingredients of panang curry chicken.This is the recipe of panang curry.
1 cup of water
3.5 spring Basil
3-4 spoons of fish sauce
2 spoons of sugar
1 table spoon of panang curry paste
1 can of coconut milk
2 spoons of vegetable oil
2 lb(s) of chicken
*The second step, when you know the ingredients of panang curry, you should stir the panang curry paste with vegetable oil. At the same time that the curry paste is mixed well, put some chicken in there.In the third step, you stir until the chicken is half- way cooked, pour coconut milk into a pot, and add 2 cups of water into a pot together.
*For all these steps, you should use low to medium heat and stir until coconut milk and water are reduced by half and you like the taste.
*If you eat panang curry. Maybe you will feel the same as I do. I mean, if you eat panang curry. It is like eating a cloud, and the taste is so smooth for your tongue. I guess, you have to like "PANANG CURRY".