Friday, April 15, 2005

CHOI ..Samgyetang..

One of the traditional Korean foods: Samgyetang
When the weather is getting hot, people usually go to the restaurant and want to order Samgyetang. Do you have any ideas about it? I’m going to give you the meaning of it. ‘Sam’ means a piece of ginseng. I think you know about this. As you know, it is good for your health. I’ll talk more about this later. Next, ‘gye’ means a chicken. It is very popular with people all over the world. The last, ‘tang’ means the soup. This soup is really good. Now, you can say the meaning of Samgyetang as a ginseng chicken soup. It’s very good for your health, especially in summer. When people are exhausted, they need good food like a ginseng chicken soup. If they eat this food, they’ll be more vigorous and healthier. Because of a piece of ginseng, they can be more energetic than before. It is a kind of useful plant in Korea. People always use it when they cook some kind of foods. When you eat it, your body temperature will be a little higher. Never take it if you have a fever. However, when you catch a cold, I recommend that you drink a cup of ginseng tea. It tastes a little bitter, but when you add honey with it, the bitterness will be down. Now, I’m going to tell you about the recipe step-by-step. I learned this recipe from a cook book. Before starting cooking, you have to know about all the ingredients. You prepare 1 pound of a fresh spring chicken, a piece of ginseng, three pieces of jujube, five cloves of garlic, three pieces of chestnut, ½ pound of glutinous rice, two teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of black pepper and eight glasses of water. Now, cut a raw chicken's belly. At the same time pull out the internal organs. Make sure that you should put glutinous rice in water for two hours before putting it into a chicken. Then, peel five cloves of garlic. At the same time that you peel it, you have to clean a piece of ginseng and take seeds out from jujubes. If you finish all of these steps, you have to put glutinous rice, five pieces of garlic, a piece of ginseng, and three pieces of jujube into a chicken. As soon as you put everything into the chicken, tie the chicken's belly with strings. After that, boil the water about one hour with which is filled with glutinous rice, a piece of ginseng, three pieces of jujubes, five cloves of garlic. Be careful as the water gets hot. When the water gets hot, turn the fire low and boil for thirty more minutes.While the chicken is done, take it out and remove the strings. Then, cool the seasoned water and take the fat out. After doing this, warm the chicken and the seasoned water in one pot. Finally, if you like a slice of onion, add it. At the same time that you eat it, you can add a teaspoon of salt and pepper.This is the recipe which I learned from a cook book. Now, can you cook well when you read this? I hope you can. If you want to eat something special, try this food. Your family or friends will like it.