Friday, April 15, 2005

Yak-sik, Korean Rice Cake

by sunny
Rice cake is a Korean traditional food. There are about thirty kinds of rice cake in Korea. Of these, I especially like Yak-sik rice cake very much. This is because Yak-sik reminds me that my mother cooked it for me in my childhood. The odor of sesame oil used for Yak-sik made my mouth water. Now I would like to introduce how to cook Yak-sik to you. At first, you should prepare some ingredients: glutinous rice 2 cups, jujube, chestnut, raisin, and some pine-unts. Also, you need some seasonings: cinnamon powders, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, and dark brown sugar. Before you boil the glutinous rice, you should soak it in water for 2 hours and wash it with clean water about four times. After that, glutinous rice should be boiled in the electronic rice pot with the correct amount of water. Be very careful, you should put a little amount of water in order for the rice not to come out too soft or watery. At the same time that you cook the glutinous rice, you should prepare other ingredients. You have to mix ten jujubes, ten chestnuts, one-third cup of pine-nut, one-half of spoon cinnamon powder, two spoons of soy sauce, two spoons of sesame oil, one-half spoon salt, and one cup of dark brown sugar. When you finished boiling the glutinous rice, mix the rice with all the above ingredients. If you finish mixing, you should put the mixed materials unifromly on the aluminum rectangular bowl. Before you put the mixed materials in the oven, it is necessary to cover them with the cooking foil. Then you bake it in an oven of 375° for 50minutes. During the baking, the rice cake smells like a roasted sweet potato with whipping cream and cinnamon powders. You put the baked Yak-sik in aluminum baking cups by using a spoon after making it a little bit cold. It is very convenient to eat because they are contained in small cups. You would have no choice but share them with your neighbors because they are pretty delicious.