Monday, April 18, 2005

Claudia's Funghi Spagetti

The food made in home is much better than the food in any restaurant, and if that can be made in little time, should be a great idea. Have you ever eaten spaghettis with funghi sauce in 30 minutes? This is possible if you follow these directions. First, you have to choose the things which you will use and put it on the table. The things which you need are the followings: 1. 125 grams of mushrooms. 2. A cup of milk. 3. A quarter of butter. 4. Half pound of spaghettis. 5. 125 grams of parmesan cheese. 6. Two spoon of flour. 7. Sugar (to taste). 8. Salt and pepper (to taste). Second, you should make the fungi sauce. In a small saucepan preheat, put some butter with the mushrooms and salt to taste and cover the pot. After five minutes, the mushrooms must be cooked with some water. Then, put some butter in a small pot. When the butter is melted, you add some flour and stir until make paste. Then, you add the cup of milk and stir quickly. After that, you add the mushrooms and add sugar, salt and peeper to taste. Third, you prepare the spaghettis. In a large pot with water preheat and salt and some Olive oil, you add the spaghettis. After fifteen minutes, to prepare for serving SPAGHETTI, that sauce and heat in medium saucepan.