Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ja Jang Myun by Chris

We have a special Chinese food which doesn’t exist in China. It’s a Korean noodle dish of Chinese origin. Its name is Ja Jang Myun. It’s hard to find a Chinese restaurant in Korea which doesn’t have this food. Everyone has a special food which you can eat on only a special day. When I was a child, it was that. Actually that’s not expensive. But it’s hard to cook at home. And my aunts have a Korean-style Chinese restaurant in Duluth. They have a Ja Jang Myun. Why don’t you come and try? You can have same thing you ate in Korea.
Most people don't know where it came from & when it started. The dish, as known by Koreans, is said to have originated in Incheon, a port city where Chinese laborers congregated in the Chinese quarter, or what is now the city's Chinatown. Restaurants started out serving Ja Jang Myun to the Chinese community 100 years ago, but the taste soon caught on and spread to other parts of the city and country. Today, Incheon is deeply proud of its heritage as the birthplace of the nation's much-loved noodle, and every year a Ja Jang Myun eating festival takes place here.
Put Ja Jang sauce on the plain flour noodle. And mix it. This is a how to eat Ja Jang Myun.
Before telling you a recipe, I apologize that I can't tell you an exact portion of the materials.
Pork and vegetable are inside black bean sauce. You can buy that black bean sauce which is called Ja Jang at market. The vegetables are cabbages, cucumbers, onions, garlics, gingers. And you need some sugar and oil. Ok! That's it. Now, let's make a special black bean sauce.
1. Stir Ja Jang and 4 Tbs of oil over medium high heat for about 3 minutes on a skillet. (don't burn it!)
2. Chop pork meat, and cut cabbage and onion into 1/2 inch cubes.
3. Boil noodle for about 4-5 minutes and drain water.
4. On a skillet, stir fry garlic and ginger with oil. Stir in chopped pork meat and keep cooking.
5. When pork is cooked, stir in onion and cabbage.
6. When everything is cooked, stir in cooked jajang, 1/2 cup of water, and sugar.
7. Pour in starch water and feel the mixture becoming thick and heavy.
8. In a big bowl, place noodle, and pour jajang mixture over and serve with cucumber on top.
9. Enjoy~!!

P.S : Here is my suggestion ; why don't you come my aunt's chinese restaurant in H-mart in Duluth and try an original fabulous Ja Jang Myun? Thanx.