Thursday, April 21, 2005

Etli Ekmek by Goktug

You want to eat Turkish traditional food, but you don’t know a Turkish restaurant. If you would like to make a Turkish food, you can use this recipe.
I will give a recipe of Etli Ekmek because it is my favorite food. My mother always makes it for me when I go to my city. First, you need some ground meat, flour, onion, parsley and spices. After you have these ingredients, you can start to make the Etli Ekmek. After you cut the onion, you should 1 pound mix ground meat, 1 onion, a little parsley and spices. After that, this stuffing will wait about 15 minutes. When it wait , you can prepare some dough. You need 1 oz water and 1 pound flour for the dough. After that you should divide the dough to 5 equal bit. Then, you roll out the each dough, and you put the stuffing inside the dough. Finally, you can bake it about 5 minutes. You should eat the hot Etli Ekmek.