Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bulgogi by Sang hwa

A recipe for “Bulgogi”

Bulgogi is a Korean traditional food and Korea’s representative meat dish is also a Bulgogi. Bulgogi is usually a favorite Korean dish for foreigners because Bulgogi is sweet, not spicy. And you can feel a natural beef’s flavor when you enjoy it. When I had no appetite in Korea, my mom used to cook it for me. But now I live in the USA alone, so I studied and tried how to make a delicious Bulgogi. Finally, I looked for a good way, so I’d like to introduce it now.

Bulgogi is a dish of finely sliced beef mixed with various spices. So you have to prepare 3lb of sliced beef, one of onion, 1lb of agaric, some vegetables you want, one asian pear, 10 spoons soy sauce, 5 spoons of cooking wine, 2 spoons of sugar, 2 spoons of liquid taffy(or 2 spoons of sugar), 2 spoons of sesame oil, 1 spoons of crushed garlic, and a few of ground black pepper.

If you prepare them, making a Bulgogi is very simple. First, you should mix cooking alcohol, grated pear, sugar, crushed garlic, and prepared sliced beef. And you should wait about 1 hour because it makes Bulgogi more delicious. At that same time that you are waiting, you can chop an onion, agaric, and some vegetable. Immediately after 1 hour, You should mix soy sauce, liquid taffy and sesame oil with them. And then, roast all of them! When cooking them, be sure to use a strong fire because vegetables make a water.

If you follow my steps, you can make a delicious Bulgogi. And you can feel Korea’s excellent taste. Try it!!!