Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tom Yum Kung

Tom Yum Kung by Pong.......

It would be difficult to find any Bangkokians who have never heard of Tom Yum Kung. Not only is Tom Yum Kung well-noted among Bangkok residents, but it is also popularly known among international visitors to Thailand as the symbol of national Thai food. It is a special spicy soup and has a lot of herbs. By the way, my family often likes to cook and eat Tom Yum Kung every week. Because most members of my household love to eat spicy foods, so it is not strange that Tom Yum Kung would be one of such spicy foods. My family recipe has a special formula to cook light (without milk) Tom Yum Kung that it can’t be found anywhere. Now , are you ready ? Let’s make Tom Yum Kung in my style.
First step: These ingredients needed to prepare Tom Yum Kung are easy to find in Thailand. Its main ingredients consist of shrimps , pork stock , sliced straw mushrooms , minced lemongrasses , minced lime leaves , green peppercorn , smashed red onion , smashed ginger, smashed galingale , minced hot green Thai chili peppers , roasted chili paste , salt , fish sauce , lime juice , chopped cilantro leaves and water. In portion, I can’t specify certainly; it depends on number of consumers and some desired taste.
Second step: This step is cooking Tom Yum Kung. Firstly, you have to simmer water and pork stock in a pot over medium heat about 10 minutes. Next, adding the lemongrasses , lime leaves , green peppercorn , red onion , ginger ,and galingale boil about 5 minutes. Then, put in the shrimps , mushrooms ,and roasted chili paste simmer to continue over medium heat until shrimps are pink through. After that, you should take the pot off the stove and put the salt , fish sauce , lime juice , and hot green Thai chili peppers so that the heat will reduce their wonderful taste. Lastly, you could taste it and add more of such ingredients if you want.
After finishing that second step ,you should eat it immediately while it is hot by pouring the soup into the bowl and garnishing with cilantro leaves. As a result, you get the perfect taste from it and you will remember it forever when you feel hungry. I would suggest that you all shouldn't miss to eat it because it has a lot of benefits for you health. Enjoy eating ….. Tom Yum Kung !!

By Paul....Thai