Friday, April 29, 2005

Katsuo no Tataki (Shinya O .)

How to Make My Favorite Food (400A Writing) Shinya O.

I was born Kochi, Japan. Kochi is located in an island in the south of Japan. So, it’s a very popular fishery there. Bonito is one of the favorite fish which is caught there. Bonito is a traditional food and, it’s called “Katsuo no Tataki”. “Katsuo” means bonito. First off, you need to get very fresh huge tuna chunk. Next, you have to put many straws in a drum, and ignite it. Then you put the chunk on like a chicken wire, and roast the only outside. This is the most important point is you don’t have to roast inside. After that, you put the chunk in cold water with ice. Last, you put it out of the water, slice it, put vinegar, soy sauce, like Japanese lime, slice onion, leek, and Japanese labiate on it. And one more important thing, you should put a lot of the vinegar and the soy sauce. Because it’s a real “Katsuo no Tataki”style. I just remind, when you have it, don’t forget to drink “Sake” with them.